Health Insurance II

The Health Insurance II course is one of five courses comprising the Patient Access Specialist certification program. Patient Access Specialists represent the front line of the healthcare service for patients entering a practice, hospital or clinic with a constant eye toward excellent customer services and the overarching goal of achieving a positive experience for the patient. Patient Access Specialists must possess strong communication skills, an understanding of medical terminology and anatomy as well as a comprehensive understanding of the importance of the revenue cycle and medical insurance options available to patients. A clear understanding and successful transmission of information from the patient and medical insurance companies is paramount in guaranteeing prompt administration of medical treatment to the patient and quick financial reimbursement to the medical facility.

In order to optimize these processes and provide the best access for patients, healthcare professionals must have a clear understanding of the intricacies of navigating the health insurance system. As part of the Health Insurance II course, students will be introduced to medical billing and the claims submission process. Students will also learn about insurance claim preparation and transmission as well as the various types of insurance available, depending on the patient’s individual profile. In addition, the course will review the various types of Healthcare billing and provide students with an in-depth understanding of Medicare and Medicaid billing. As one of five courses necessary to gain the Patient Access Specialist certification, the Health Insurance II course will ensure participants have the foundations necessary for success in this position.

The Health Insurance II course will address the following primary course objectives:

  • Identify the correct information needed to prepare and transmit accurate, complete Healthcare claims
  • Explain the rules for eligibility and claims processing for Medicare plans
  • Explain the rules for eligibility and claims processing for Medicaid plans
  • Describe the background and billing and reimbursement process for Tricare, workers’ compensation, disability, and Blue Cross

Certification:   This course constitutes 1 of the 5 courses necessary to gain the Certified Healthcare Access Associate Certification
Certifying Body:   National Association of Healthcare Access Management

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