Introduction to Biology

Simply put, Biology is the study of life – from the smallest of organisms no larger than single cells to the most complex plants and animals that make up the world we live in. Students completing this course will gain a fundamental understanding of the biological principles and the properties of life, considering the structure and function of plants and animals, their relationship to various organisms, to each other and the environment they inhabit. Taking an in-depth look at cell biology principles, reproduction, development and growth, students will begin to understand the mechanics of evolution, inheritance and genetics. Students will learn the various ways for classifying different organisms, animals, and plants, the characteristics and distinctions between them as well as the way in which all of these organisms contribute to the overall environment.

Students who complete this course will gain a comprehensive understanding of the key areas of biology at an introductory post-secondary level. Students are introduced to the core disciplines of cellular biology, biotechnology, genetics, evolution, and ecology.

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Explain basic biology concepts and terminologies
  • Outline the structure of the living world
  • Explain the relationship among DNA, mRNA, amino acids, and proteins
  • Distinguish between two types of cellular division
  • Classify components of animal and plant cells
  • Analyze energy flows and membrane transport within the cell
  • Determine the mechanisms of evolution
  • Analyze different patterns of inheritance
  • Distinguish different types of biodiversity
  • Analyze population growth and decline
  • Explain basic industrial biotechnological procedures
  • Outline components of ecology

This class includes the following eText:
Simon, Reece, & Dickey. (2010). Campbell Essential Biology, 4/E; ISBN: 9780321602060

This course includes up to 10 hours of live chat tutoring.

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