Medical Office Assistant

The Medical Office Assistant is part of the front lines dedicated to overall patient care and healthcare access. Medical Office Assisting involves direct patient contact, coordinating patient flow, scheduling for both patients and physicians, preparing and maintaining medical records, insurance verification and referrals, chart preparation and effective patient communication. The Medical Office Assistant course provides students with an introduction to the various types of documentation used in a medical office as well as accepted practices for maintaining medical records and an introduction to electronic health records. Students will also be introduced to the guidelines for medical billing and coding so they are best prepared to work within the requirements of different types of health insurance and benefits and best-equipped to explain these complex structures to patients. The Medical Office Assistant offers students the opportunity to gain the necessary skill for entering patient data for processing insurance claims for reimbursement and the overall process for patient billing, payment and inquiries. Beyond these skills, however, this course will prepare students to achieve the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant credential or provide students with a great foundation for pursuing certification in Medical Billing and Coding or Electronic Health Records.

For those individuals who wish to apply their administrative and customer service skills to a medical setting, this course offers an ideal way to gain the particular skills essential to medical office professionals and ensure patients receive the best quality of care from start to finish. The Medical Office Assistant course not only prepares students for a rewarding career in which they can put these great skills to use by ensuring students understand the proper handling of patient data, fundamental billing and coding procedures, accepted medical office procedures and more. This comprehensive course is exactly the vehicle needed for students to enter this thriving and expanding industry.

The Medical Office Assistant course will familiarize students with the role of a medical office assistant and the responsibilities the position entails.

The Medical Office Assistant course will address the following primary course objectives:

  • Explain the job requirements of a Medical Front Office Assistant
  • Describe effective communication skills for the workplace
  • Explain how to properly handle confidential information
  • Explain different types of health insurance and benefits
  • Describe the different types of financial transactions that take place within a medical office
  • Describe different types of documentation used in a medical office
  • Explain how to document and maintain medical records
  • Describe the benefits of computers and electronic medical records in the workplace
  • Apply the guidelines for medical billing and coding
  • Describe the operational functions in a medical office
  • Explain how to capitalize on career opportunities available to the medical office assistant

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