HIPAA Privacy Rule Training for Healthcare Organizations

The HIPAA Privacy Rule Training for Healthcare Organizations course provides a foundation for all learners for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). In effect since 2003, the law gave the US Department of Health and Human Services the responsibility of adopting rules to help patients and other Healthcare consumers keep as much of their personal information private as possible. The privacy rules under HIPAA set forth requirements for the use and disclosure of protected health information and also provides certain rights to patients and research subjects pertinent to their protected health information. Maintaining privacy of protected health information is paramount to any healthcare practice, making it imperative for healthcare professionals to complete regular HIPAA privacy training.

Primarily, the HIPAA Privacy Rule Training for Healthcare Organizations course defines the primary purpose of the HIPAA privacy rule and introduces its most current information to students, including privacy and security rules. Students will have the opportunity to locate information on the HIPAA and gain a comprehensive understanding of what is considered “personally-identifiable health information,” determine exactly what constitutes a “covered entity” under HIPAA, and gain a thorough understanding of what is required of covered entities in order to protect consumers of Healthcare. As part of this exercise, students are encouraged to consider HIPAA from the perspective of the patient as well as the Covered Entity. In addition, students are introduced to the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act and its impact on electronic medical records. At the end of the course, students will be able to implement safeguards with HIPAA.

The HIPAA Privacy Rule Training for Healthcare Organizations course will address the following primary course objectives:

  • Define HIPAA
  • Explain the Privacy Rule
  • Describe the HIPAA Security Rule
  • Identify guidelines for protecting patient information
  • Identify how HIPAA policy can be breached
  • Define a covered entity
  • Identify the entities affected by HIPAA
  • Define HITECH
  • Identify the safety measures that must be taken to protect electronic medical records
  • Explain steps that office managers must take to ensure their agency is compliant with HIPAA

Please note that this course does not lead to a student’s certification, but prepares the student to sit for the certification exam.

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