Survey of Pharmacology

In today’s fast-changing healthcare industry, all levels of staff play a pivotal role in successful patient care and access. Allied healthcare staff have increasing responsibility in various practices and require a basic understanding of patients’ drug therapy in order to ensure the greatest quality of care available. In this way, pharmacological prescriptions and directives play an integral role in the day to day work of healthcare professionals and it is imperative that all levels of staff have a basic understanding of how these drugs work, they’re intended purpose, possible adverse consequences and how these substances work or don’t work in concert with other drugs.

The Survey of Pharmacology course offers students an overview of classical pharmacology, which is essential to ensure a knowledgeable staff across the healthcare field. This course will provide students with a basic understanding of drug effects on organ systems and general drug use. Students will also be introduced to the mechanisms underlying the action of various classes of drugs and their receptor targets in the body. The course will also provide a general overview of some of the most widely used drugs and provide further insight into their therapeutic effects, adverse reaction, clinical indications and drug interactions.

The Survey of Pharmacology course provides a primer to the principles and basics of pharmacology. This course introduces students to the principles of clinical application, including basic pharmacokinetics, dosage forms, and drug administration. Students will gain a brief introduction to the knowledge and skills necessary to apply pharmacology to other disciplines of Healthcare.

The Survey of Pharmacology course will address the following primary course objectives:

  • Present a general knowledge of basic pharmacology terminology, concepts, and abbreviations
  • Understand medication administration using the appropriate route and methods for the type of medication

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