Customer Service for Healthcare

The Customer Service for Healthcare course provides students looking to work in the Healthcare industry with the basics of customer service, primarily focused on accountable care and patient satisfaction. In the past few years, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid services have implemented a customer service survey called HCAHPS. This broad initiative measures patients’ satisfaction and perspectives on hospital care, and it also provides patients with a transparent viewpoint of their local hospitals. Armed with this information, patients are better equipped choose the healthcare provider they feel will provide the best return on their investment.

In response to the HCAHPS survey, as well as the application of the new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Healthcare facilities are reevaluating customer service and implementing new patient service standards and regulations in their facilities. Many hospitals, medical practices and clinics have found that superior service is one of the most effective ways to set themselves apart from competitors and attract and retain patients. Clinical and office staff are in the best position to give any practice a competitive edge but only with the right training, motivation and understanding of the professionalism required for the practice they represent. As such, this course serves to provide participants with insight into the HCAHPS survey as well as the tools and techniques to providing excellent customer service in their field.

The Customer Service for Healthcare course will address the following primary course objectives:

  • Define customer service in the healthcare industry
  • Explain why customer service is important in healthcare
  • Describe basic customer service rules for serving patients
  • Articulate all forms of communication in the healthcare field
  • Recognize best practices to resolve customer complaints or conflicts
  • Explain how customer satisfaction is measured in healthcare

Certification:   This course constitutes 1 of the 5 courses necessary to gain the Certified Healthcare Admissions Associate Certification
Certifying Body: National Association of Healthcare Access Management.

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