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Introduction to Business

The Introduction to Business course provides an introduction to the basic concepts and principles of starting and operating a business from the proper formation mechanisms and structures to effective management, operation and financial reporting. Students will be introduced to basic business accounting functions, financial statements, marketing, ethics and social responsibility. Overall, the Introduction to Business course offers students an overview of business in an increasingly global society, serving as an introduction to basic terminology, concepts, environments, systems, strategies, and current issues they’ll encounter in a typical business setting. Topics include an overview of the business environment, business ethics, entrepreneurship, global business, management, marketing, production, information systems, and financial elements of business.

As the introductory course to business concepts, this course provides a solid business foundation for more detailed and higher-level study in subsequent courses that drill down into further detail on the multitude of issues that touch today’s global business environment. Students who complete this course will gain a broad understanding of the kinds of functions to which they’ll be exposed as well as the different elements of business that all come together to form a successful enterprise.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the key components of contemporary U.S. and international business environments
  • Describe the role of ethics and social responsibility in the business environment
  • Examine the various ways in which businesses can be organized and structured as well as the most appropriate formation mechanisms for specific business types
  • Analyze the various functions of management as well as the best approaches to effective management
  • Analyze marketing processes, forces, and issues in a modern business enterprise
  • Examine the key strategies, tools, and issues involved in business operations
  • Examine the key financial concepts involved in the business enterprise
  • Develop a business plan incorporating sound business concepts, systems, and strategies

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