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Communication Skills for Managers

The Communications Skills for Managers course provides students with an overview of effective methods of communication for managers. Students will gain a working knowledge of the difference between hearing and listening, and will apply strategies for improving listening, speaking, and writing skills. In addition, students will examine various methods for effectively delivering criticism, asking questions, and teaching someone a process. Designed for individuals in lower-level management or new to management, this course also covers how to create effective business communications, such as presentations and documents.

Effective communication is a vital core competency for successful managers at all levels and across all industries. The Communication Skills for Managers course offers new or lower managers a comprehensive guide to business communication that clearly and efficiently delivers the intended message – written, spoken, email, formal presentation, etc. – in all business situations. This class provides sound communication skills to any manager by emphasizing the importance of knowing your audience, understanding your receiver and/or intended listener and developing strategies for ensuring the right message is delivered in the most effective way. This broad overview of all aspects of business communication provides multiple opportunities to practice and apply these new skills in real-world simulations and track individual improvement as students’ communication gets better and better.

The Effective Business Writing Skills course will address the following primary course objectives:

  • Identify the correct audience and purpose for business communication
  • Organize topics for business communication
  • Identify the types of business writing
  • Describe correct sentence structure
  • Use appropriate language in business communication
  • Explain the elements of direct and forceful writing
  • Describe revising and editing techniques

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