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Effective Business Writing Skills

The Effective Business Writing Skills for Managers course provides students with an overview of sound business writing skills. It introduces the student to the process of business writing, including prewriting strategies, organizational methods, and revision techniques. Students will also examine different types of business writing, such as memos, emails, formal letters, and presentations. In addition, students will gain experience in identifying and correcting grammatical errors and structural flaws in writing. Throughout the course, students will develop a familiarity with writing in a professional tone.

Clear and concise communication is a must for business writing in any capacity. Individuals struggle to express their thoughts, needs, directives and explanations in writing in a way that communicates their exact point to their audience efficiently and effectively, taking up valuable time throughout the day. In completing this course, participants will develop quality writing skills to mitigate awkward sentence structure, ineffective thought/idea organization, ambiguous language and unnecessary information that can cloud the overall message. By employing these strategies, individuals will learn to avoid misunderstanding or misinterpretation which will save time and increase productivity simply by communicating clearly through their writing.

The Effective Business Writing Skills course will ensure students learn to write faster without sacrificing clarity making sure they can avoid common errors, resolve issues effectively and increase credibility overall by communicating exactly what they mean to their audience without all the extraneous, unnecessary material. Participants will also learn effective strategies to revise and fine-tune every kind of business document to convey the exact meaning they intend in the most effective way possible.

The Effective Business Writing Skills course will address the following primary course objectives:

  • Identify the correct audience and purpose for business communication
  • Organize topics for business communication
  • Identify the types of business writing
  • Describe correct sentence structure
  • Use appropriate language in business communication
  • Explain the elements of direct and forceful writing
  • Describe revising and editing techniques

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