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Effective Time Management

The Effective Time Management course provides students with an overview of time management skills, concepts, and techniques. Students will learn strategies for maximizing personal effectiveness, including organization, delegation, and the proper use of technology. The course encourages the student to identify time challenges and set goals for prioritizing and planning in order to more effectively use his or her time. Students will also learn to identify signs of stress, and how to alleviate common stressors through effective time management.

Today’s business is moving at a faster clip than ever before, making it imperative that individuals keep pace with fast-moving projects within multiple mediums. While technology can increase efficiency and speed, it can also pose a hindrance to many individuals that have difficulty with managing all of these different mediums, communications and multi-faceted projects at once. Further, common stressors can exacerbate these difficulties throughout the day making individuals less and less productive at a time when business demands more and more value.

The Effective Time Management course will help participants to take control of their day, increasing productivity and decreasing overall stress levels through evaluation of their current methods to find better ways of working through tasks and completing deliverables. The course will address various methods of staying on task to meet deadlines by developing an understanding of various techniques for controlling limited time and ensuring the best return on investment for allocated time. Moreover, this course will offer participants a chance to learn how best to prioritize and schedule based on their own needs and habits in conjunction with the needs of their organization, how to avoid procrastination and mitigate over-commitment where it may not be entirely necessary. All of these skills combine to ensure participants complete this course with an understanding of what’s not working for them, how to address these issues and how to get the most out of their day in order to maximize their value and contribution.

The Effective Time Management course will address the following primary course objectives:

  • Identify the benefits of effectively managing time
  • Evaluate the use of your time
  • Set relevant goals
  • Prioritize goal lists
  • Organize a daily prioritized plan
  • Identify external and internal time wasters
  • Identify signs of stress
  • Describe effective delegation methods
  • Describe technology’s role in the time management process summative

Content provided by the American Management Association

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