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Interpersonal Communication Skills in the Workplace

The Interpersonal Communication Skills course provides students with an overview of the principle areas of Interpersonal Communication. This course will introduce the participant to the importance of effective interpersonal communication in the workplace as they examine the key skills and methods related to workplace communication, and learn how to develop and apply those skills. Participants will also learn how to successfully present ideas and information as well as listen to others’ ideas to solve problems.

Ideal for every organization, manager, leader, supervisor or employee, the Interpersonal Communication Skills course provides key strategies for effective communication between individuals and beyond the immediate work group. Different people employ different methods of communication, which can sometimes create barriers that inhibit collaboration and overall output. This course shows participants how to identify various types of communication, adapt their own communication and listening skills to account for others and employ multiple techniques to solve workplace problems that arise out of interpersonal communication difficulties. The course will also dive into persuasive communication, meeting facilitation, effective dialogue and techniques for generating new ideas and solutions all while taking into account the needs and difficulties of a multicultural, multifaceted workplace.

The Interpersonal Communication Skills in the Workplace course will address the following primary course objectives:

  • Explain how to overcome communication barriers
  • Identify different types of communication
  • Define listening techniques
  • Identify techniques used for persuading others
  • Explain how different types of communication work
  • Identify when to use different types of communication
  • Explain why good communication is important
  • Use communication techniques to solve problems in the workplace

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