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apbm (1)The Association of Professionals in Business Management (APBM) is a not-for-profit and a higher-education organization (APBM, NFP) sponsoring and offering professional credentials in the business management field. One of these credentials is Certified Associate Business Manager (CABM). The mission and vision for the APBM’s credentials is to bring professionalism to business management using a Common Body of Knowledge for Business.

The CABM is an educational, training, and developmental online course in business management based on a mini-MBA curriculum. The goal of the CABM is to master the principles of business management in ten major learning modules such as General Management, Leadership, and Strategy; Operations Management; Marketing Management; Quality and Process Management; Human Resources Management; Accounting; Finance; Information Technology; Corporate Control, Law, Ethics, and Governance; and International Business. The online course’s study materials published by Pearson Education include module-based eBooks, flashcards, weekly study guides, videos, checkpoints, quizzes, final exam, and daily lessons. An official certificate will be issued after completing all the requirements of the course and an annual recertification is required.

The Certified Associate Business Manager (CABM) course addresses the following primary CABM2objectives:

  • Learn the roles of general management, leadership, and strategy
  • Learn the basic principles of operations management
  • Understand the basic essentials of marketing management
  • Understand how to apply the tools and techniques of quality and process man
  • agement
  • Understand how human resources management works with employees
  • Learn the basic concepts and principles of accounting and finance
  • Learn how information technology works to reduce costs and increase revenues and profits
  • Understand the basic guidelines in corporate control, law, ethics, and governance
  • Learn the intricacies of doing business internationally
  • Study the module-based eBooks, flashcards, weekly study guides, videos, checkpoints, and quizzes to prepare for the final exam

The CABM credential certifies business acumen for junior (entry-level) employees, supervisors, or aspiring managers and provides a solid foundation for individuals seeking an MBA degree. A four-year college degree is preferred but not required for admission.

Certification:            Certified Associate Business Manager
Certifying Body:     Association of Professionals in Business Management


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