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Java Programming II

Java is a programming language and computing platform running on hundreds of millions of personal computers worldwide and billions of devices across the globe including mobile devices and televisions. If you own a computer, smart phone or other device, chances are you’ve interacted with some form of Java. Designed to be less complicated than many of its predecessors, Java is easily accessible for most programmers and enables them to develop computer programs faster and easier than ever before. As the number one development platform and the number one language used for enterprise programming and development, Java training offers students the opportunity to learn the universal Java programming language and technology in order to develop robust programs and applications quickly and efficiently using any platform.

This course builds on the skills learned in Java Programming I in computer programming using Sun’s Java programming language.  Students will design generic classes and interfaces to improve code reusability, thereby improving speed and efficiency.  Additionally, students will learn to employ linked lists, create and manage stacks and queues and also use binary trees in Java programs.  From there, students will move on to analyze algorithms for efficiency and complexity of sorting, as well as Big O notation classifications. Finally, students will work on implementing graph applications, advanced GUIs and graphics to really make the most of their programming abilities.

Java developers work across all areas of the computer programming field writing software that will run on many different kinds of devices. Often used by application developers, web developers or operating system engineers, all of these professionals use Java Programming on a daily basis. Moreover, Java developers are needed to integrate their code with software already written in other languages such as HTML5 of C++ and are in high demand as this industry moves at a faster and faster clip. So pervasive across the growing programming fields, certification in Java is a great way for new entrants to break into the field and prove their expertise to prospective employers and can help to secure higher salaries as well. The Java Programming II course is designed to prepare students to sit for the Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 7 Programmer exam.

The Java Programming II course will address the following primary course objectives:

  • Examine the fundamentals of the Java programming language
  • Design generic classes and interfaces to improve code reusability
  • Write a Java program to employ a linked list
  • Create and manage a stack in a Java program
  • Create and manage a queue in a Java program
  • Create and use a binary tree in a Java program
  • Use the Java Collections Framework in a Java program
  • Determine the efficiency of an algorithm and classify it in terms of the Big O notation
  • Determine the complexity of O(n2) sorting algorithms
  • Determine the complexity of  O(n log n) sorting algorithms
  • Design graph algorithms such as depth-first search and breath-first search for use in graph applications
  • Develop a GUI with advanced features

Certification: Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE Programmer
Certifying Body: Oracle

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