Criminal Justice & Law

Probation and Parole

This course focuses on adult and juvenile probation, parole, and related institutions. Understanding the probation and parole procedures designed to mitigate the effects of past mistakes made by parolees and analyzing the role of rehabilitation in probation and parole, students will have the opportunity to learn as much as possible about this division of the criminal justice system. The Probation and Parole course will take students through the world of community-based correctional programs in the context of history, philosophy, society and the legal framework within which it all comes about. Students will learn about the basic duties of parole and probation officers taking a look at various technique for rehabilitation including day reporting, house arrest, restitution enforcement, and community service detail. Finally, this course will review topics ranging from sentencing structures, reporting, investigations and offender supervision.

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Analyze the probation and parole process
  • Analyze the juvenile court and juvenile justice system
  • Summarize the history and administration of probation and parole
  • Defend the importance of presentence investigation in the sentencing process
  • Examine the basic models for administering parole
  • Analyze the role of rehabilitation in probation and parole
  • Analyze the role of probation and parole officers
  • Examine the role of supervision in probation and parole

This class includes the following eText:
Abadinsky. (2012). Probation and Parole: Theory and Practice; 11/E; ISBN: 0135112478

This course does not include tutoring.

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