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Practical Problem-Solving Skills in the Workplace

Effective problem-solving skills are an invaluable asset for any employee in today’s fast-paced workplace. Being able to analyze problems, identify the potential severity of a problem and assess the impact of alternative solutions are skills that anyone can use, particularly as they comprise a structure for making quick decisions necessary to keep up with the relentless pace of business today. The Practical Problem-Solving Skills in the Workplace course is ideal for helping employees to work more efficiently together, as well as with customers, partners and vendors. Participants will learn to identify various problems that require their attention, propose viable, practical solutions that actually address the problem posed and evaluate the various options available to address the issue head on. Participants will then gain a fundamental understanding of how to implement a solution following this evaluation and learn to apply useful solutions to similar situations going forward. By recognizing the parallels between common problems, participants realize that they have solved similar problems before and are able to apply the same principles to future issues that may arise. Participants in the Practical Problem-Solving Skills in the Workplace course will come away with tremendously useful skills to address any issue that arises in an organization in a way that not only solves the problem at hand, but also reduces the incidence and effects of future problems that may arise as well.

The Practical Problem-Solving Skills in the Workplace course provides students with an overview of problem-solving techniques used in the professional environment. Students will review methods for gathering information to identify problems and learn to generate practical solutions. Students will also learn how they can adapt and apply techniques from this course to become practical problem solvers in the workplace. In addition, they will read about real-life successful problem solvers and learn how to ask the right questions in order to find solutions. Finally, students will learn how to recognize when a work plan is needed, identify methods for organizing and managing their projects, and set project management goals.

The Practical Problem-Solving Skills in the Workplace course will address the following primary course objectives:

  • Explain the different characteristics of a successful problem solver
  • Identify different types of communication
  • Use critical questions to gather information about your problem
  • Identify techniques used for persuading others
  • Describe how to use a work plan to organize, monitor, and streamline project management
  • Explain how different types of communication are used to solve problems

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