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Managing Multiple Projects

Managing Multiple Projects is one of the most pressing challenges in today’s workplace. Keeping all of them going at once and completing them successfully both on time and on budget requires great skill and discipline. For any employee, these skills can be of tremendous value to ensure you’re making the most of your time and working through these projects like a true professional. The Managing Multiple Projects course helps participants to achieve positive results on all of their projects by applying tools and techniques that ensure all of these projects succeed. Participants will gain insight into various multitasking strategies, planning and scheduling multiple projects at once, analyzing and evaluating schedules, prioritizing project work, and effective task delegation alongside specific strategies for monitoring and controlling multiple projects.

Effective planning and anticipation are key to any successful project management effort, but certainly when working on multiple projects at once. As such, the Managing Multiple Projects course puts a heavy emphasis on effective time management, delegation and reporting. To this end, the course will begin by helping participants to identify factors that lead to various issues and introduce appropriate steps for managing projects, generally. From there, participants will gain insight into effective management of each of these projects at the same time by properly planning, scheduling and allocating necessary resources in the most effective way all while anticipating common multitasking challenges and working to overcome them along the way. The course will also offer participants various techniques for tracking project progress and ensuring proper reporting from individuals necessary for effective control and monitoring. The Managing Multiple Projects course offers participants a multitude of tools for taking concurrent projects from start to finish like a real professional through efficient use of resources and effective management.

The Managing Multiple Projects course provides students with an overview of the principal issues involved in the simultaneous management of several projects. Students will gain an understanding of the importance of effective project management in the workplace and learn about techniques specific to successful multiple project management. They will examine the key skills and methods related to managing and balancing several projects at once. Students will also learn how to develop and apply those skills to manage their own multiple projects in the workplace.

The Managing Multiple Projects course will address the following primary course objectives:

  • Identify factors that lead to issues
  • Use appropriate steps to manage projects
  • Use different strategies to plan for a project
  • Identify techniques for planning and managing projects
  • Define important terms in project management
  • Explain how to close a project
  • Use models and charts to help manage your project

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