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Green Building Core Concepts and Strategies for Healthcare

As the building industry moves toward more sustainable concepts, architects, contractors, builders and other construction professionals will require education and certification in these growing fields. Developed by the US Green Building Council (USGBC) the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) system is the prevailing standard for Green building and sustainable design across the country.

To address the varying needs of different types of buildings in our communities, the USGBC developed a specific set of standards aimed at healthcare facilities. Adapting the LEED credit rating system to account for these unique facilities, the USGBC established a set of standards workable for healthcare buildings that have strict regulatory requirements of their own, operate at all hours, every day of the week and have specific programmatic demands that the initial LEED standards neglected to address. The resulting LEED for Healthcare rating system acknowledges these differences by both modifying existing credits and creating new, healthcare-specific credits to ensure hospitals, clinics and physicians practices can contribute to the sustainability effort. Federal inpatient and outpatient care facilities as well as licensed long term care facilities are now required to meet certain LEED criteria further increasing the need for LEED professionals. As more and more healthcare facilities move to adopt LEED standards, they will need certified professionals to help carry out and maintain their transition.

The Green Building Core Concepts and Strategies for Healthcare course introduces students to green design and operations concepts that are fundamental to LEED, and relates these concepts to the Healthcare industry. Students will investigate concepts such as LEED corporate social responsibility, integrated project team(s), environment, social and economic impact of sustainability strategies and actions, and green building issues unique to the healthcare industry. They will also gain the skills and knowledge they need to become leaders in their organization’s overall sustainability efforts and allow them to identify opportunities for expanding this role in the future.

The Green Building Core Concepts and Strategies for Healthcare course will address the following primary course objectives:

  • Define sustainability issues that are unique and of particular importance to the Healthcare industry
  • Distinguish how USGBC and LEED address the unique needs in the Healthcare industry
  • Define roles in supporting green building and LEED in the Healthcare industry and daily practice
  • Identify opportunities for advancing a professional path through green building by attaining LEED credentials
  • Identify opportunities for advancing corporate social responsibility in the Healthcare profession
  • Identify integrated project roles in sustainable building through virtual role play

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