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Green Building Core Concepts and Strategies for Facilities Management

As the building industry moves toward more sustainable concepts, architects, contractors, builders and other construction professionals will require education and certification in these growing fields. Developed by the US Green Building Council (USGBC) the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) system is the prevailing standard for Green building and sustainable design across the country.

Once built or retrofit, LEED-Certified buildings require a significant commitment to facilities management and maintenance in order to meet the overall goals of sustainable design, retain LEED status and get the most out of the building itself. Moreover, as more and more municipalities and building codes adopt LEED concepts, many of these standards will become mandatory, the violation of which could pose significant difficulty for building owners. As such, individuals who understand how these intricate building systems work are in high demand by building owners and builders in order to get the best return on their investment in transitioning to the LEED system. Facilities managers who understand the core LEED concepts as designed by the USGBC are best equipped to ensure these new buildings are working as intended and continue to comply with USGBC standards.

The Green Building Core Concepts and Strategies for Facilities Management course examines the intent and environmental, social, and economic impact of the green building core concepts that are fundamental to the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) green building rating system. This course will review green building issues and core concepts of the LEED framework unique to facilities management settings, as well as the key roles supporting sustainability in these settings. In addition, this course will provide the skills and knowledge for learners to become leaders in their organization’s overall sustainability efforts and allow them to identify opportunities for growing this role in the future.

The Green Building Core Concepts and Strategies for Facilities Management course will address the following primary course objectives:

  • Distinguish how USGBC and LEED address the unique needs of facilities management settings
  • Define common facility management issues and how they relate to sustainability
  • Describe how LEED core concepts can reduce the environmental impact of building management, including operations and maintenance
  • Define roles to support green building and LEED principles in facilities management settings and in daily practice
  • Identify opportunities for advancing a professional path through green building in facilities management

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