Introduction to Medical Terminology

Professionals across all sectors of the healthcare industry regularly use various types of language and abbreviations in an effort to quickly and concisely document data, explain conditions staff and patients and give instructions to staff. Medical terminology is used to identify and signify parts of the human body, symptoms, conditions, procedures, tests and related protocols. Administrative professionals need an understanding in order to properly document and keep medical records and charts, develop insurance claims and other similar documents. Developing a fundamental understanding and knowledge of medical terminology is vital to both prospective and current healthcare professionals to ensure everyone working in a medical setting can speak the same language, with a solid comprehension of medical and health data that is essential to successful communication between providers and insurance companies and absolutely vital to ensuring successful patient care and access.

The Introduction to Medical Terminology course covers medical terminology, symbols, and abbreviations, as well as the application of this new language in the field of Healthcare. Students who complete this course will be introduced to the various root words, prefixes and suffixes used in throughout basic medical language and learn to recognize these terms to elevate their studies going forward and provide a solid foundation for their healthcare career. This course teaches students how to combine terms to address meaningful medical conditions, understand the fundamental definitions and ensure the proper spelling of each of these terms as well. Throughout this course, students will cover medical terms related to all major body systems including the muscular system, the skeletal system, the respiratory system, circulatory system, digestive system, reproductive system and urinary system.

The Introduction to Medical Terminology course provides a basic overview of terminology for those pursuing the Certified Healthcare Access Associate (CHAA). To ensure students gain a solid foundation, this course is delivered in a format specifically designed to increase retention of medical terminology by conveying material through a variety of learning methods. Whether students are new to the medical field, gaining additional certification or simply need to brush up on their terminology skills, this course is a great resource for anyone in the healthcare field.

The Introduction to Medical Terminology course will address the following primary course objectives:

  • Explain the importance of medical terminology when documenting and communicating patient information
  • Identify the fundamental word structure of medical terminology and its component parts
  • Analyze medical terminology based on word structure
  • Describe the component parts that make up the body
  • Define common medical terms and abbreviations
  • Describe the organization and structure of the human body
  • Build medical terminology related to body structures, functions, and disorders

Certification:   This course constitutes 1 of the 5 courses necessary to gain the Certified Healthcare Admissions Associate Certification
Certifying Body:   National Association of Healthcare Access Management.

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