Six Sigma Specialist

Six Sigma Specialist Program

Taking on a reorganization or optimization project for any size organization is a significant undertaking. To ensure success on these efforts, many professionals employ Six Sigma principles aimed at reducing variations that can result in significant cost savings for any organization. Understanding these principles and putting them to work in practice, however, are 2 different things and requires a host of complementary skills to enhance these efforts and ensure a successful outcome.

The My Ed Today Six Sigma Specialist program goes beyond the certification provided in the Six Sigma Green Belt course by combining this essential training with project management fundamentals, time management skills and fundamental business understanding that will offer an overall context to the Six Sigma principles and purpose.  Students who complete this collection of courses will gain a comprehensive understanding of the ins and outs of taking on a project like this, delivering a detailed project plan and summary, delivering successful outcome and moving forward the overall business purpose as a result of that success.

The Six Sigma Specialist Program includes the following Courses:

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