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Paralegal Professional Program

In any law firm or small practice, Paralegals are often the lifeblood of the organization. The everyday practice of law requires a significant amount of work from filing procedural motions and advising clients to the in-depth legal research and writing necessary for trial or appellate practice. Attorneys have a tremendous workload and rely on capable paralegals for incredibly important research, writing and filing requirements. To the untrained professional, the law unveils a vast amount of complexity and nuance that can be as much overwhelming as it is fascinating. To ensure Paralegal Professionals have the foundational knowledge they’ll require for work, My Ed Today has pulled together the required substantive and procedural courses that can be taken together or blended with traditional programs to prepare students not only for the national paralegal certification exams, but also for the everyday demands of this challenging and rewarding career.

Students who complete this program will have gained a fundamental understanding of both the substantive and procedural points of the law. These fields provide the foundation for future paralegals to work in a full-service firm with multiple practice areas, assist a general practice that encounters many of these areas every day, or assist attorneys specializing in one or two practice areas. Beyond the legal theory and practice presented, this course also takes students through the practical skills they’ll require for success in this field from research techniques and new technologies used in trial to the ethical considerations necessary to protect attorneys, paralegals and clients. This career track provides students withe the legal research and writing skills necessary on the job, the various citation nuances required for legal practice, as well as the technology their likely to encounter in the law office. Students who complete this career track either blended with traditional courses or in an entirely eLearning format will have the knowledge and practical skills necessary for success as a paralegal from day one.

The Paralegal Professional Program includes the following Courses:

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