Legal Assistant

Legal Assistant Program

Given the ever-increasing pace of business, large law firms and small practices depend heavily on their support staff and resources to ensure they’re delivering the highest quality work-product to their clients. Today’s legal research, writing and filing takes advantage of a multitude of different technologies, web interfaces and other tools that speed up their traditional processes making it imperative for all support staff to be well-versed in these areas. With a focus on those substantive areas most common to general practices and a concentration on civil litigation procedure, this strategic set of courses also includes a look at law office technology and standard legal research and writing procedures. My Ed Today’s Legal Assistant Career Track ensures students have the most up to date training in the latest law office technology, understand the administrative requirements on the job and also have a foundation for the procedural aspects of legal work that will ensure they’re ready for the job starting on day one.

Students who complete this program will have gained a fundamental understanding of the most applicable substantive and procedural points of the law. Beyond the legal theory and practice presented, this course also takes students through the practical skills they’ll require for success in this field from research techniques and new technologies used in trial. This career track provides students with the legal research and writing skills necessary on the job, the various citation nuances required for legal practice, as well as the technology their likely to encounter in the law office.

The Legal Assistant Program includes the following Courses:

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