Java Programming Specialist

Java Programming Specialist Program

Java developers work across all areas of the computer programming field writing software that will run on many different kinds of devices. Java developers work on a multitude of projects integrating code with software already written in other languages such as HTML5 or C++ and are in high demand as this industry moves at a faster and faster clip. Not only is certification in Java is a great way for new entrants to break into the field and prove their expertise to prospective employers, but fundamental project management skills is essential to success in this field and the ability to command higher salaries as a result.

Often used by application developers, web developers or operating system engineers, all Java Programming professionals incorporate project management skills into their every day tasks. To address employers’ needs for individuals with this great technical expertise combined with traditional project management skills, My Ed Today has brought these 2 disciplines together in one strategic career track for students. The Java Programming Specialist program will ensure students excel in the technical programming language and also have the ability to translate that talent into effective project execution.

The Java Programming Specialist Program includes the following Courses:

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