Accounting & Finance Professional

Accounting & Finance Professional Program

Any successful business owner can tell you that accounting and finance are the most important functions of their entire organization. Proper accounting is essential to the effective functioning and success of any small business and the leadership teams in these companies depend entirely on their accounting staff to track and report the overall health of the company from day to day, quarter to quarter and year to year. Staff who understanding how to calculate the essential accounting and finance data for a company have the skills to properly advise leadership on the business decisions they need to make.

Apart from the CPA who prepares the formal tax filings, the skills you’ll gain in the My Ed Today Accounting and Finance Professional Program will ensure you’re prepared for the lead accounting and financial position with any small business or effectively assist on a sophisticated accounting and finance team. The courses combined in this Program will ensure students come away with the essentials of accounting, business math and statistics with a fundamental understanding of finance and business law. Students who complete the My Ed Today Accounting and Finance Professional Program will have the skills necessary for success in these positions starting from day one on the job!

The Accounting & Finance Professional Program includes the following Courses:

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