Full Stack Web Developer w/ Ruby on Rails

Full Stack w/ Ruby on Rails Developer Program

The Full Stack Web Developer with Ruby on Rails program is designed to prepare students to function as web application developers in multiple technical, business, and healthcare settings. Web developers serve roles with job titles such as Web Site Developers, Web Applications Developers, Web Designers, and Web Masters.

Program Details
The purpose of this program is to prepare students to
design and develop websites, design and develop web
applications so that users can perform specific tasks, and
maintain websites so they continue to meet user needs.
This course covers the following key areas and topics:This program will cover:

  • Create simple web pages using HTML and CSS and get those pages up on a website
  • Explain how JavaScript is used, format and execute code, define arrays, assign functions, and more
  • Use JQuery to manipulate DOM and perform Ajax requests
  • Verify that the individual functions that make up the application perform as expected using JsUnit
  • Make rich user interface elements using jQuery UI
  • Build an interactive application and add it to a GitHub repository to show prospective employers
  • The Web: Understanding how the Web works, how it is structured, how it is coded, and how common web tools are used for specific purposes
  • Web Design: Designing websites using appropriate fonts, text blocks, lists, tables, links, colors, images, and multimedia
  • CSS: Designing web pages using Cascading Style Sheets
  • Dynamic Sites: Designing dynamic websites using JavaScript, DOM, and other tools
  • JavaScript Programming: Using third-party JavaScript and JQuery to create dynamic website functioning
  • Web Applications: Using Ruby on Rails to develop effective web applications allowing website users to perform specific tasks on websites

Program Objectives

At the conclusion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Creating a basic website using HTML, CSS, styles, HTML elements, and links, video, and images
  • Installing and configuring JavaScript
  • Using basic JavaScript syntax including conditional statements and loops to develop web applications
  • Using basic JavaScript syntax including arrays array methods, strings, and expressions
  • Using functions and function programming in JavaScript
  • Using JavaScript object, prototype properties, use of objects as namespaces, and creating anonymous objects
  • Installing, configuring, and using JQuery
  • Deploying web applications with Eclipse, Java, and Tomcat
  • Understanding Ajax and its relationship to jQuery
  • Performing unit testing with JsUnit
  • Downloading, configuring, installing, and using common jQuery widgets
  • Using Git and GitHub in Web Development
  • Installing Ruby on Rails (RoR) and setting up developing environment
  • Using RoR to develop static and dynamic web applications
  • Using RoR to create user models, user validations, secure passwords as well as create applications to allow user sign up, login, password reset, account activation, Microposts, and
    other functionality

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