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Workforce Education: eLearning Courses

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We offer leading workforce education and training programs to students, professionals, trade organizations and employers by providing best-in-class eLearning courses, externship opportunities and related support services.

Through engaging online eLearning programs coupled with one-on-one student support, both new students and seasoned professionals have the ability to complete comprehensive courses in high-demand disciplines and related certifications in every field. Our courses bring together insightful and compelling content presentations as well as constructive exercises and challenging knowledge checks to create an enriching, successful learning experience for students at all levels.

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Career Tracks

My Ed Today Career Tracks offer students a chance to hone their skills in a variety of professions by taking a cross-discipline approach to learning. Today’s work environment requires professionals to master a variety of skills – some that are clearly applicable to that position and some that will help to enhance the efficacy and abilities of professionals across all fields. Career training and re-training requires a strategic approach to learning beyond a traditional degree program and My Ed Today Career Tracks offers our partners exactly this solution. See the Career Tracks…


Criminal Justice & Law eLearning Courses

Whether seeking a deeper knowledge of unfamiliar subject areas or looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of particular subjects, our catalog of Criminal Justice and Law courses will ensure students are prepared to take on a career in law enforcement, begin a paralegal program or get a better understanding of contracts and business law for a small business owner. These courses take an in-depth look at the American criminal justice systems alongside corrections, juvenile justice and law enforcement. Courses in contracts, torts, real estate and more offer future paralegals or pre-law students a tremendous foundation to begin their career. These convenient, self-paced courses also offer a great solution small business owners where these complex topics can be most applicable. See the Courses…